Zero Waste

It’s often easier to turn a blind eye; to not pay attention. We strive to be good people; yet we still make mistakes. Although mistakes are a natural, healthy part of being human, it is important for us to recognise that many of the mistakes we make, we don’t even notice. Or perhaps at worst, we choose to deny their existence. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is far more rewarding to be better. We aspire to live by our values, but how much do…Continue Reading “Zero Waste”

Yield and overcome

“22 Yield and overcome; Bend and be straight; Empty and be full; Wear out and be new; Have little and gain; Have much and be confused. Therefore the wise embrace the one And set an example to all. Not putting on a display, They shine forth. Not justifying themselves . They are distinguished. Not boasting, They receive recognition. Not bragging, They never falter. They do not quarrel, So no one quarrels with them. Therefore the ancients say, “Yield and overcome.” Is that an empty saying?…Continue Reading “Yield and overcome”

One good thing a day

Just have the courage, to follow through. One good deed, from us to you. One small act, can change the world. Be free, inspire, share love, with all. A lady, with a heavy suitcase, at the bottom of the stairs. An elder, stood in the underground, hoping to rest their legs. We see them, think; help them, we truly yearn to care. Embracing love over fear, in the moment we choose to dare. * Choose love. Do the right thing. Help others. Overcome fear.  …Continue Reading “One good thing a day”

Welcome discovery

We stress out too much, we cannot make up our minds. We have a vision, but before we know it, the fear creeps in and steals our time. Too patient, too indecisive, to take that first great leap. So here we are taking it, unplanned, in the name of discovery. May God’s love guide us. Peace   Photo by John Towner